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Operational Support Consulting Services

Supporting our customers is why we exist, and we know that each organization we work with needs something just a bit different. Our consultants are skilled in many facets of operational support and are ready to tailor our services for your unique mission.

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Do you need support handling the nuts and bolts as your organization grows? It’s our honor to fill in the gaps and help you evolve. Our consultants help:

Develop various guidelines.
Conduct resident and family engagement surveys.
Implement quality assurance and quality improvement programs.

The big picture is important, but sometimes it’s hard to see when engrossed in day-to-day work. Stepping back and assessing the future of your organization matters, and our consultants help:

Develop the big picture.
Ask the hard (and needed) questions.
Implement new guidelines, techniques and best practices.

It’s all about relationship building and staying up to date with the ever-changing healthcare realm. Serving customers, healthcare providers and colleagues with customer service and admissions and discharge best practices is one of our passions. Our consultants help:

Review community outreach structure and productivity assessments.
Evaluate processes related to managed care and reimbursement.
Educate and train for admissions and discharge processes.

The team members who provide guidance for physical plant and safety are key players, and they can help set the tone for the lifestyle and mood of your customers. Our consultants help:

Assess OSHA compliance and make recommended updates.
Create and test disaster plans.
Review guidelines, education and in-services currently in use and update as needed.

Tasty food and nutritional menus are important to clients, residents, family members and team members. We recognize the importance that nutrition plays in health and quality of life. Our consultants help:

Provide education and in-services related to nutritional needs for different medical diagnoses.
Assess current plans and records regarding hydration, weight management, wound care and diabetes management.
Implement changes to improve the quality of the dining experience and provide seasonal menu packages.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how many people can you reach with your services? How can your organization be a good steward and member of the local community? Our consultants help:

Tailor messaging across digital and print platforms to reach the audience your organization serves.
Define key competitors and complete a SWOT analysis, assessing potential areas for growth.
Assess community reputation and ways to improve the reach of the organization.
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CHR Success Story: Provider Relations

Securing a Highmark contract

One of our skilled nursing center clients needed assistance facilitating and securing a Highmark (now Helion) contract. The leadership team and interdisciplinary team at the center and CHR consultants collaborated to review, adopt or re-educate on processes and expected outcomes. The center shared the scorecard and overall improvement in outcomes and was awarded their Highmark contract back successfully!

This is success to us: Helping our customers with a specific need so they are able to continue growing, thriving and serving the community.

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