Clinical Support Consulting Services

Healthcare is a unique and ever-evolving profession. Part of the role our clinical consultants fill is to provide information and training to the organizations we work with.

Doctor pushing young male in wheelchair talking to nurse.

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The clinical part of your services matters so much. It’s a vast area involving systems, guidelines, training, compliance, reviews and audits. Our consultants help:

Review clinical systems on a variety of topics, including reporting, training, tracking and documentation.
Present in-service training sessions on clinical topics.
Prepare for health surveys through mock surveys and preparation.
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This is a unique area of the clinical realm and requires a large amount of attention to detail to ensure patients are getting the care they need and that your organization is getting the appropriate payments. Our consultants help:

Assist with clinical care management, including audits, training and assistance with denials and appeals.
Conduct audits for accuracy.
Provide training and tools to streamline the reimbursement process.
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An enjoyable life is what you want for your patients and having programs and plans in place to make that happen are important. Social services exist to serve as a liaison between the patients and the other needs they have, and recreational therapy is in place to get to know residents likes, hobbies and entertainment preferences. Our consultants help:

Review of guidelines and processes related to complaints and grievances.
Revise protocols associated with admissions and care plan development.
Plan master activities and recreation calendars.
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Doctor explains a chart to patient.
Nurse checking on patient in wheelchair.

CHR Success Story: Clinical Services

Re-launching CNA Training Program

One of our clients saw a need to re-launch a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program. CHR’s clinical consultants worked with the center to meet updated requirements and retrain team members. The details were submitted and, after a successful virtual site visit, the program was re-launched as the only such program in that county.

This is success to us: Helping our customers with clinical details to help meet a community need.

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