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Office Support Consulting Services

When payroll, budgeting, IT and HR are running smoothly, leadership can focus on growth and future goals. Our consultants are skilled to help streamline you office support needs.

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Overseeing cash flow and other financial facets is crucial to ensuring the end-product service is running smoothly for those you serve. Our consultants help:

Analyze income statements, cash flow and trends.
Review billing and accounts receivable systems/practices.
Support the organization in financial functions, including collections and audits.

The office support team at CHR is ready to offer insight and assistance with a variety of business needs. Our consultants help:

Negotiate and develop relationships/pricing with national vendors.
Coordinate with insurance broker for required coverage.
Research capital purchase options and track via electronic acquisition request system.

Serving team members can range from benefits administration to recruitment to union negations. Our consultants help:

Process payroll, including generation of bi-weekly paychecks; quarterly and annual tax return preparation; and annual generation of W-2s.
Coordinate with third-party administrators for health and retirement plans.
Provide extra assistance with recruitment and job postings.

CHR consultants has an IT team with members who are trained to help affiliates develop and/or fulfill IT needs. Our consultants help:

House on-site and centrally located data, open help desk support and software support.
Provide software support for billing/clinical, financial, payroll and other software applications.
Host email and host replicated database.
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CHR Success Story: Human Resources

Human Resources Team Support

One of our clients had unexpected turnover in their HR department, so our HR consultants stepped in to help. We worked with the center’s team – conducting audits and providing training to the new HR team member. It’s been three years since the new HR team member was onboarded, and we continue to serve as a resource for them for various employment-related questions.

This is success to us: Helping our customers with a specific need so they are able to continue growing, thriving and serving the community.

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