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Meet the CHR Leadership Team

CHR team members are dynamic professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our team thrives on serving clients like you, focusing on meeting your organization’s specific goals.

Three woman laugh as they garden.

Dynamic experienced consulting professionals

Dianne Gattorno, CHR Consulting Services President headshot

Dianne Gattorno

Lori Jamison, CHR Consulting Services VP of Clinical Services headshot

Lori Jamison

VP of Clinicial Services
Kevin Koval, CHR Consulting Services, Inc.,VP of Financial Management and Business Development headshot

Kevin Koval

VP of Financial Services
Rachael Johnson, CHR Consulting Services, Inc., VP of Human Resources headshot

Rachael Johnson

VP of Human Resources
Scott Taylor, CHR Consulting Services, Inc., VP of Facilities & Safety Headshot

Scott Taylor

VP of Facilities & Safety
Jayson Voyda, CHR Consulting Services, Inc., VP of Culinary and Nutrition Services headshot

Jason Voyda

VP of Culinary & Nutrition Services
CHR Consulting Services, Inc., gradient circle logo

Richard Scully

VP of Information Technology
Tricia Whaley, CHR Consulting Services, Inc., Senior Director of Provider Relations headshot

Tricia Whaley

Senior Director of Provider Relations

CHR Consultants are here to help.

From administrators to CPAs to nurses to chefs, our team spans the services, training and direct support a senior care or community-based organization would need.

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