Frequently asked questions…answered.

What is the depth of experience and resources at CHR?

CHR has a team of seasoned industry experts for each discipline in the senior care industry. Our experienced leaders have a consistent track record of success and bring that experience to each client we serve.

How does the CHR staff interact with the facility staff?

The CHR team has always used the partnership philosophy when working with facility staff. We bring them the best industry practices and tools to help them as they strive for success. We provide support and guidance through regularly scheduled on-site visits and are always available by phone or email to provide assistance with day-to-day operations. Our goal is to provide you team with a supportive safety net to help them succeed.

Can clients choose only the services they need on an a la carte basis?

Yes! Whether you need full service management of day to day operations or help preparing for a Department of Health survey, we have the experts and the resources to meet your needs. We often provide one time consulting services for educational needs and some communities like the security of having monthly support and direction for a particular department within their community. No service is considered too large or too small; we are in the business of providing solutions for senior care communities.

How is customer satisfaction measured and monitored?

Listening to our customers is our most important tool. We offer annual, post admission and discharged customer service survey processes to our clients to keep them informed of satisfaction levels within their communities. At CHR, we believe that measuring satisfaction results and being responsive to customer feedback is critical to maintaining a successful operation.

What’s included in a long term care facility plug and play offering CHR?

Plug and Play simply encompasses all applications, related technology, support and expertise to effectively and efficiently operate a long term care facility. This also includes data network access, wireless network setups and a comprehensive disaster recovery component that is managed and current with your production data to within 4 hours. Or, you can choose any combination of services that best fit your situation – we have the technology and expertise to successfully deploy and support your scenario.

Can you assist with HIPAA compliance?

Glad you asked. We have developed a facility based HIPAA assessment in concert with our third party IT security and compliance partner – Allied InfoSecurity, that includes a HIPAA SECURITY assessment of your existing program, a HIPAA translation guide to assist in clearing up confusion related to terminology, a HIPAA RISK assessment and development of any HIPAA policies and procedures that are missing or out of compliance. Finally, an ongoing HIPAA and security awareness program is put in place and facility annual reviews conducted to track progress.

Are OIG sanction checks required?

Yes. To ensure compliance with the statute, the Inspector General requires monthly verification of employees, vendor and physicians against the Federal OIG Exclusion database and the Excluded Parties List System and the State’s Medicaid Exclusion database. We currently perform these services for all our clients and on a stand-alone basis as a separate service offering.